About Us    
7SIGMATECH MANAGEMENT GROUP has been established as an independent platform designed to add value to Indian and Global industry by facilitating accelerated business growth. Having gained multifaceted techno-commercial-management business exposure at senior management positions with Forbes, Fortune & Wall Street Admired Companies and with a track-record of having consistently delivered extraordinary performance and business results. Our team is equipped to drive such initiatives and break-through improvements in business operations.
Our Core Values
At 7SIGMATECH, we believe that our success is best reflected through the success achieved by our clients and Professionals. Our beliefs and values define what we stand for and determine how we work. The hallmark of our approach comprises:

  Partnership: We act as an extension of our client’s office. We are  knowledgeable partners in India and abroad providing decisive and   dedicated support to our clients.
Integrity: Our clients are demanding, their standards are high and so are ours. We honestly represent our clients to candidates and our  candidates to clients. We do not promise what we cannot deliver by suppressing any fact.
Confidentiality: We accord the highest respect to information that we have been entrusted with and under even any miscellaneous conditions, it is not broken.
Commitment: We remain committed to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients by adequately understanding their needs because professionals are our Branding Ambassadors to Corporate World.
  The High End Recruiting Solution  
  High Circle is 7SIGMATECH’s high-end recruiting solution that offers exclusive services to those at the top. Our focus here is on the C Level, i.e. CEO and direct reportees. High Circle addresses requirements of diverse organizations across industries for acquiring talent that is senior, critical and niche. We create a sustained competitive advantage for our clients by helping them identify talented business leaders demonstrating intellect, integrity and courage.
This service is provided by a select group of 7SIGMATECH’s most experienced consultants working across key industry segments and functions. Along with their rich and varied experience in the search and selection business, they have extensive industry contacts and networks with decision-makers. They realize that closing a TOP MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENTS assignment calls for rigour, sensitivity and sound judgment. They have proven track records, professional competency and assessment capabilities to understand and service people requirements of clients, which are complex, dynamic & varied.

It is our vision to form deep and sustainable selective partnership with companies having potential and passion, offering a strategic platform to drive business growth. The intent is to provide a unique consultative plus delivery process for achieving and exceeding enterprise goals. Working closely with management teams of client companies to evolve a strategic roadmap for business growth, facilitate and pro-actively participate in its realization.
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